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Strength: NrB Fashion
Moreover NrB Fashion has the following facilities for smooth operation:

  • Own stand by Generator to run full factory.

  • Fire protection system.

  • Sufficient volume of water reservoir at under ground & overhead.

  • Quality electrical cable with siemens circuit breakers used in MDBs & SDBs.

  • Separate toilet for male & female workers.

  • Urinals & spittoons are available as per law.

  • Sufficient lights are provided in all the working areas.

  • Installing ceiling fans, exhausts fans & large windows provide sufficient


  • Factory premises are always kept neat & clean.

  • We do not have any child labor.

  • Following the local labor law to ensure all code of conduct.

  • Have one Exit & One emergency Exit in the facilities & open full time of

    factory operation.

  • Have all fire fighting equipment as per law to protect any fire accident.

  • Allays secured by a trained and hi-skilled hired security team.

  • Highly experienced and qualified professionals run the project. Management

    is fully dedicated for efficient and effective delivery.

  • Control towards attaining best quality in production, export shipment in

    order .

  • Manpower strength in main line production is run by the trained operators /

    supervisors headed by highly skilled personnel.

  • Independent sample unit is equipped with modern infrastructure. Sample

    unit is headed by a skilled sample in-charge to provide any kind of styles

    within scheduled time frame

  • We maintain strict in-line inspection during production and we practice Total

    Quality Management (T.Q.M) system.

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