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    Over the years, NrB Fashion has artificial a wide form of number one merchandise, such as a polo-shirt, sweat-shirt, ladies & kids-wear, etc. Currently, NrB Fashion has advanced to the level of manufacturing specialised knitwear-merchandise by maintaining tune of the ultra-present day marketplace trends.
    NrB Fashion has crossed the border of using most effective ordinary yarns, which include Cotton, Polyester, CVC, PC, NrB Fashion manufactures technical fabric, including: Viscose, Coolmax, and Suplex, using contemporary technology.

    NrB Fashion widespread infrastructure lets in production almost every knitwear product for men, women, and kids. It is currently targeting Knit-Fancy merchandise, which anticipated to have a huge impact at the fashion- marketplace.

    Quality Control & Assurance
    Throughout its decade-long operation, NrB Fashion has perfected its Quality Control System, which incorporates scrupulous checks, to make certain terrific production.

    NrB Fashion has continuously restructured this system, and it now functions a completely unique capability in phrases of industry-low rework and restore rate. It has acquired the contemporary Quality-Control gadget and evolved quality-consciousness some of the workforce.
    NrB Fashion QA group gives no room for error and may readily guarantee superior product-outstanding to its clients.

    produsenter og eksportører av gave- og reklameartikler, salgsfremmende t-skjorter Langermet, salgsfremmende bluser, salgsfremmende jakker, salgsfremmende forkle, salgsfremmende caps, salgsfremmende poloshirts, reklamet-skjorter, salgsfremmende tekstilprodukter,

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